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£499 + vat p.a.

The First School Data Sync Admin Centre

Provisio365 is an Azure cloud service for Office 365 with MIS integration to provision classes.

Provisio365sds is also integrated with a fully automated SDS solution provided by EDDi.


  • Controlled deployment to support pilots with certain departments at your school
  • Add Non MIS based Classes * *coming soon
  • Allow Heads of Department to see all their classes
  • Add Additional Students and Teachers to Classes
  • Daily full School Data Sync – runs overnight
  • Rated best product in class by Microsoft Education

Are you currently running CSV import files to School Data Sync?

  • School can eliminate up to 150 hours of manual CSV file administration p.a
  • Save up to £5000 of labour costs per school year

What is School Data Sync?

  • If your school or Multi Academy Trust are implementing Microsoft Teams, SDS will enable a nightly automation of all your school classes
  • Intune for Education
  • Over 35 Third Party Application now integrated through School Data Sync

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provisio365sds FEATURES

Improved data integrity by removing processes needed to update and manage CSV files

Compatible with all major UK MIS platforms and Office 365

Use your timetable to create classes in Microsoft Teams for Education without user input

SDS Class Admin page lets you decide which subjects to create in School Data Sync

Pilot and deploy when your teachers are ready, rather than to the whole school

Add/delete teachers & students from class lists, without having to change timetables

Create classes outside of your timetable and create links to third-party solutions